Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee • Wine

Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee • Wine

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The original Upper Peninsula silhouette tee. 

During a year-long 50-state road trip, I spent time learning about hometowns across America. At the same time, especially the further away I got from the Great Lakes region, the more people were eager to learn about the Great Lakes, Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula. I fell in love with this role of being an ambassador of the U.P. by telling people about the Upper Peninsula wherever I went.

I returned home to Baraga in 2007 inspired to continue this role. Having collected t-shirts in nearly all 50 states, I wanted an iconic t-shirt to represent my love for the Upper Peninsula. I set out to find a t-shirt with nothing but the silhouette of the Upper Peninsula on it. It was a different time then, and there was nothing to be found. So I set out to create it myself and launched Yooper Steez in January 2008 featuring the original Upper Peninsula silhouette series and a blog featuring Upper Peninsula content. Now, iterations of the design can be found in nearly every Upper Peninsula gift shop. Thanks for supporting the original.


Printed on the Comfort Colors 1717 t-shirt, known for its soft, pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton fabric and relaxed fit. With a range of rich, pigment-dyed colors, it's a go-to for casual comfort and timeless style.

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