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Our pals from @ExploreTheUP gave us a stack of these really great stickers as they go on their mission to explore Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We're all about it, so keep exploring out there!

We have a mission to show just how incredible the Upper Peninsula is by connecting with everyone who shares our passion for adventure and for the UP.

Our short term goal is to go on grand adventures and share our knowledge and experiences so you can make your own trips bigger and better! Our gear sales (shirts, stickers, etc.) are going to help make this all possible. Plus, we know you'll look amazing in one of our shirts.

Long term, we want this to be an unofficial (maybe official someday!) guide to the best experiences the UP has to offer. It's not just scenery, it's a lifestyle, and we want to give everyone easy access to the best places to eat, to visit, to ... you get the picture.

Travel, meeting lots of people, seeing cool stuff, and showing it off just for you, all easily accessible via photo, video, and social media. The heart of our endeavor is dedication to exploring a community of people doing cool things whether it be art, food or stunning landscapes, and generating new life for our local businesses.

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