Hello from Northern Michigan

Hello from the Northern Peninsula of Michigan Postcard

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We've been obsessed with vintage Upper Peninsula postcards for quite some time, and you'd be hard pressed to find one more classic than this, produced by the legendary Curt Teich, a German immigrant and well-known postcard maker. He is perhaps most known for his “Greetings From…” postcards, and our very own U.P. was immortalized in this colorful Curt Teich original.

A couple friends of Yooper Steez have pointed out on our Facebook page that Laurium and Tahquamenon are misspelled. As a Gladstone/Escanaba native, I was puzzled by the small “Maywood” on the east side of Little Bay de Noc. Turns out it’s part of the Hiawatha National Forest in Rapid River. Any guesses as to why “Mackinac” is where it is? Mackinac County’s seat is in St. Ignace. Regardless, we can agree it’s a beautiful postcard and a much more cartographically correct representation of the “Northern Peninsula of Michigan.”

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