Field Notes • Birch Bark Edition

Field Notes • Birch Bark

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The 60th Field Notes Quarterly Limited Edition, for Fall 2023, is “Birch Bark.” It’s as simple, elegant, and austere as its name-sake tree. The genus Betula is known for its white, papery bark, evoked here by speckled 110# Mohawk Loop “Snow” cover stock, heavily debossed with just a hint of warm gray.

This is a simple, practical edition; a successor to centuries of notes, proclamations and lists inscribed on birch bark. It’s also a throwback to Field Notes own past Fall releases, like long-sold-out favorites “Mackinaw Autumn,” “Fire Spotter,” and “Shenandoah.” Field Notes hopes you’ll find these useful for journaling and note-taking this fall. As Robert Frost told us, “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”

  • Field Notes • Birch Bark Edition

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