Mint Green Plaid Virgin Wool Throw Blanket

Mint Green Plaid Virgin Wool Throw Blanket


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We absolutely love these virgin wool blankets from Lake Superior Woolen Mills. The wool comes from right here in the Upper Peninsula, out of the small town of Rudyard, halfway between St. Ignace and Sault Ste. Marie. For the home or camp, this blanket is a beautiful addition to the room, draped across a sofa and ready for use on those cool Upper Peninsula evenings.

• Throw size (good for two people on a couch)
• 100% Virgin Wool
• 52" X 76"

Lake Superior Woolen Mills is a group of small family farms who raise their sheep on the natural green pastures of Northern Michigan and make their wool blankets from their own fleeces. They are currently made up of two flocks of sheep grazing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The fleece used in their wool blankets is 100% virgin wool. This means that their wool is being used for the first time in LSWM products, giving full benefit of it's original resilience, loftiness, and durability. Plus, this produces a softer feel for the wool blankets.

Wool is a natural, renewable resource that grows back year after year to be shorn and used in so many ways to help us keep warm and comfortable!

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