Field Notes • Kraft Plus, Aqua

Field Notes • Kraft Plus, Aqua


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Field Notes Quarterly Editions are frequently complicated productions, and such complexity often yields terrific results. But once in a while, they need to produce a quieter edition that reflects the simplicity of our earliest editions. They also wanted to offer a product at ten bucks again.

2-Packs are available with burnt-orange (Amber), dusty blue (Aqua) and sage-like green (Moss) covers, with a space at the bottom to index the books by date and subject.

Field Notes Brand is a collection of smartly-designed, vintage-styled pocket notebooks, calendars, and various office accoutrements. Co-founder and graphic designer, Aaron Draplin is a Michigan native who, from time to time, speaks highly of the Upper Peninsula.

"I grew up near and in Traverse City, with trips up to Houghton/Hancock every couple years. The lore of the Upper Peninsula was always there—an exciting frontier quality, with craggy rocks, steep streets and mysterious woods as far as the eye could see. Forty years later, I still feel it when I visit. One of America's great secrets! Having our Field Notes at UP Supply makes me so proud. We're doing our part to help outfit the wild rascals of the U.P.! Hell yeah." – Aaron Draplin, founder of Field Notes
  • Field Notes • Kraft Plus

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