The Marquette Salamanders

Marquette Salamanders T-Shirt


Expected ship date is Jun 15th 2024

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This product is currently for pre-order and ships in June. Design subject to subtle changes before print.

The first 20 customers will receive a free "I brake for salamanders" bumper sticker

To celebrate the annual migration of the blue-spotted salamanders (Ambystoma laterale) at Presque Isle, we are launching the Marquette Salamanders, a semi-fictional sports team with large aspirations.

The migration of blue-spotted salamanders at Presque Isle park, occurs during early spring when these amphibians emerge from their underground habitats to journey to nearby wetlands.

Under the cover of darkness and favorable moist conditions, the salamanders make their way to the Presque Isle bog, where they engage in courtship and egg-laying activities.

Join us in celebrating these beautiful creatures that make our community unique. We envision a future of celebrating the quirky (and slippery), a future Marquette with murals of salamanders and patterns of blue spots.

Purchase your Marquette Salamanders t-shirt, hoodie, and stickers today.

A portion of all Salamanders sales will be donated to the MooseWood Nature Center located at Presque Isle Park.

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