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  • Home & Camp

    Home & Camp

  • Stocking Stuffers

    Stocking Stuffers

    Everything under $15 that can easily fit inside a Christmas stocking! From greeting cards, to stickers, to notebooks and more, this is the essential list of quick items to make any Yooper happy come Christmas morning.

  • Upper Peninsula of America

    Upper Peninsula of America

    We introduced the Upper Peninsula of America concept in 2014. Take a look at a map of the Contiguous United States and you'll notice this isn't just the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it's the Upper Peninsula of America.

  • Upper Peninsula

    Upper Peninsula

    The greatest peninsula in the entire United States of America! Is it too bold to say the world? We love the U.P.! While some of our designs focus on a more narrow niche, and others go broader to look at Michigan as a whole and the Great Lakes, this collection is focused solely on the Upper Peninsula.

  • Lake Superior

    Lake Superior

    Shortly after we introduced the original Upper Peninsula silhouette series in 2008, we began looking at the silhouette of Lake Superior. While starting with the silhouette we even expanded into creating a fictional sports team, the Lake Superior Sharks. For many of us north-side Yoopers, our soul is buried somewhere out there in the middle of ol' gichi-gami.

  • Plaid


    One could argue that plaid is the favorite color scheme across the Upper Peninsula. So much so, that it inspired us to created Plaidurday, the worldwide celebration of plaid, to encourage as many people in the world to wear plaid on the first Friday of each October. Naturally, our favorite is the traditional red and black buffalo plaid or Mackinaw plaid. For many Yoopers, we grew up seeing our fathers and grandfathers sport this traditional wool fabric through the long winter months.

  • 906


    Not long after we started blogging in 2008, we started to dive into our fascination with the Upper Peninsula's exclusive area code, 906. At the time, though it was widely known to be exclusive to the U.P., it was not seen as a recognizable symbol of the region. Since our founding we've helped change that, and 906 is nearly as recognizable to our identity as the word Yooper. Did you know 906 is a sphenic number? That's right, a positive integer that is the product of three distinct prime num…

  • An Upper Peninsula Must Have

    An Upper Peninsula Must Have

  • Great Lakes

    Great Lakes

  • Silhouette Series

    Silhouette Series

    The original Upper Peninsula silhouette tee. During a year-long 50-state road trip, I spent time learning about hometowns across America. At the same time, especially the further away I got from the Great Lakes region, the more people were eager to learn about the Great Lakes, Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula. I fell in love with this role of being an ambassador of the U.P. by telling people about the Upper Peninsula wherever I went. I returned home to Baraga in 2007 inspired to continue …

  • Sisu Strong

    Sisu Strong

    On June 17, 2018, Houghton County was devastated with flash floods after significant amounts of rain. Three days later we launched our Copper Country Sisu Strong shirt with 100% of profits going towards the Portage Health Foundation Flood Relief Fund. Yoopers near and far felt the impact, by purchasing a shirt they helped raise over $40,000 for the foundation.

  • The Hewer

    The Hewer

  • Valentines