Mystery box

Mystery Box

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Keep the mystery alive! Order a mystery BOX and you'll receive brand new gear from the Upper Peninsula Supply Company. Your savings can be spent on a couple pints of premium Upper Peninsula lagers. 

We all love a good mystery, and by purchasing mystery goods it helps us turn product over faster so we can get new designs in store and online. Mystery swag is all part of doing the fun things. We hope you enjoy.

Each mystery box comes with:

  • 1 Mystery Hoodie
  • 2 Mystery Tees
  • Some stickers

For $60 you'll receive over $90 worth of UP Supply Co gear.

Mystery tees, hoodies, and boxes are non-returnable. 

Garment and fabric specifications may vary. 

  • Includes one mystery hoodie
    Includes one mystery hoodie
  • Includes two mystery tees
    Includes two mystery tees
  • Choose between ladies and unisex
    Choose between ladies and unisex

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